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re: Want to join CL? Please read this!

We are currently accepting new members.

The requirements to join Celestial Legion:
Celestial Legion is currently accepting all modes and lvls.
We do require some basic shaiya experience of you, so please don't apply if you play shaiya for less than 28 days

2) You need to be able to communicate with us in English. All languages are allowed in CL guild chat, but guild communication at events is in English.

After you applied and have been accepted in-game, you need to do 2 things:
1) Apply to this website with the link on the left side.
2) Introduce yourself in a post on our forum, in the public application section, you can find the link right here:

After being accepted in game, a 30-day trial period starts, so you can get properly integrated. This includes adding your toons to the website and the guildroster.After 30 days, we will decide about your final acceptance or - if needed - removal from CL.

Any questions can be directed to one of our officers which can be found below.
Thanks and good luck with your application.
PrimeKicker, BluExecutor, TenshiMari, Anso, _-JEO-_, ..-Isis-.. and our sub-officer team.

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re: CL policy

These are the rules CL plays by. Good to know before applying.

Goals of Celestial Legion
The objectives of the Celestial Legion are to kill the end game bosses, engage in pvp at all levels and to achieve the highest GRB rank. While grinding is an obvious part of the game, it is not the purpose of CL. You are requested, but not required, to attend events as much as possible.
There is only one required event: if you are online during GRB, you come to GRB. Don't go afk before GRB, as it can easily be interpreted as being online and not helping in GRB. Also, don't go afk while doing GRB. Prepare yourself for this event.

For every event you join, you earn DKP (Dragon Kill Point) (only level 70). You also receive DKP for GRB (no level restriction). With the DKP you earn, you can request items from our guild ware house.
We give extra dkp for events like Monster Madness, depending on how many bosses we can kill. More information in the DKP section of the website.

You are free to join any PvP raid you want, except if a CL raid is promoted in guild chat. In this case, we expect you to join the CL raid.

PvP drops
If you receive an item that a Fury dropped during pvp, you will try to return the item.
If you are not able to find the Fury, you can return the item to an officer who will decide what to do with the item. Usually we will make a post on the public forum and wait for a while to see if any reaction comes. If we don't get reaction we will sell the item for guildfunds.

Our forums are a very important platform to share information in CL. We expect that you stay up to date. After unanounced inactivity of 60 days on the forum you will be kicked.

We want our guildies to respect the playing ethics as they are expressed in the folowing link:

Celestial Legion is all about fairplay and respect.
We all play the same game together and it has to be fun for all of us.

Upper Ruins
There exists a gentleman's agreement that allows a perfect party to play in upper Ruins (Valdemar Regnum). Getting into this party involves a waiting list that is kept by the party leader.
This list system is not covered by the Aeria Terms of Service. Therefore, players are not obliged to respect it.
It is the CL guild policy to respect this list: if you want to grind on that spot you contact the party leader and you ask to be put on the list. If you are leader of the party, you keep the list. If you don't want the list, don't accept to be party leader.
KSing or taking over UR zone will result in warning or kick.

Token Area
Many of our guildies sell regnum boxes to make gold. Many other guildies sell plvl to make gold. This has already given a lot of problems. Therefore we decided that CL members will respect the presence of a tokenraid in the area of boars and wolves. They will try to find an agreement for leveling in that area.
KSing tokenraid will result in warning or kick.

BluExecutor, MadeOfStars, Nene., Primekicker, Sapique, Shikoon, Yphriele

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re: Want to join CL? Please read this!

Updated requirements

- The level requirement has been raised to 70+
- The kill requirement for lvl 15 & 30 pvpers has been raised to 5000 kills. Also decent gear or a vote of confidence from active 15/30 Celestial Legion pvpers is needed.

Tenshi Mari

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re: Want to join CL? Please read this!

Updated the requirements

- Currently accepting all modes and lvls for a limited time only
- Accepting people in-game fist, applying on the website afterwards.

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